Eurythmy Training

Expressive movement (eurythmy)
Expressive movement (eurythmy)

We are born out of spirit. In our minds, our hearts, and our bodies we bear the imprint of Spiritual Word and Music. In eurythmy, word and music become visible through our articulate gestures.

A new course will begin at Rudolf Steiner Colleges around Canada. If you are an artist, whether you are a performer, a teacher or a healer, this may be the training for you!

In the first two years, classes are held four days a week: in the final years, they are held five days. The eurythmy training is integrated into other courses at Rudolf Steiner College, so students can take advantage of the talented and diverse college faculty. Graduates will be prepared to work in adult education, as freelance artists, and as eurythmy teachers in Waldorf schools. We also invite students who would like to explore eurythmy as a journey of self-transformation even without the intention of becoming professional eurythmists to join us for the first one or two years of the training. “Eurythmy as a Transformative Art”

The Curriculum

Performance Opportunities

Twice a year students share their work with the college community. These beautiful evenings help the students hone their skills as performing artists. Check our calendar of events for dates of their performances.

Preparation for Waldorf Teaching

Many graduates of eurythmy training go on to become eurythmy teachers in Waldorf schools. Beginning in the second year of the eurythmy training at Rudolf Steiner College students, will visit Waldorf schools. Through observation and study of the Waldorf curriculum (K-12), eurythmy students will experience how the integration of the curriculum and eurythmy helps to support the physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth of the child as first envisioned by Rudolf Steiner.

Our Sponsor School

This program is sponsored by the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, Germany. We are in the process of applying for recognition by the Section for Performing Arts at the Goetheanum, and operate with their friendly encouragement.